Project Update: Health Council of Southeast Florida (HCSEF) Launches Patient Navigation Initiative in Palm Beach County

July 11, 2012

The Health Council of Southeast Florida (HCSEF), is preparing to launch a new initiative “Patient Navigation: Transforming the Community’s Experience” with funding received from The Quantum Foundation, Inc. The initiative will aim to strengthen and enhance the eligibility system for health and human services, in Palm Beach County, resulting in improved access to care for residents of the County.

 “Patient Navigation: Transforming the Community’s Experience” was developed in response to the need growing and substantial need for resources to help residents navigate the various aspects of the health and humans services available in the County. Currently, there are many organizations and workers, often referred to as ‘patient navigators, promotores, eligibility workers, etc.’ who work to address this need however, there is little consistency in the knowledge bases of these individuals and the work that they do.  This initiative will coordinate a group of individuals who do eligibility work in the county and create a forum for professional development, training, collaboration and sharing of ideas, and promotion in consistencies in processes. 

Please see the press release for more details.