Palm Beach's HIV Expanded Care Continuum Model Adopted in State Plan

Health Council of Southeast Florida
July 3, 2017

The RARE report, a rapid assessment of HIV/AIDS in Palm Beach County, FL was written and published by the Health Council of Southeast Florida in 2015 as a collaborative effort with the Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County and the Palm Beach County Department of Community Services. The RARE model has three components: rapid assessment, response, and evaluation. This project was a conceptual follow-up to the original RARE study of 2000 that acknowledges the significant changes and societal changes related to HIV/AIDS in the fifteen years following the original study. 


The Palm Beach County 2015 RARE Report provided the following five recommendations for the Palm Beach County HIV system of care:

  • Adopt the "Expanded HIV Care Continuum Model"
  • Support the system-wide implementation of the Community PROMISE intervention
  • Address the "linkage gap" by reframing how services across the HIV Continuum of Care are evaluated
  • Orient all services in the HIV Care Continuum toward viral suppression and whole health
  • Develop a client-friendly version of the HIV Care Continuum

The first of these, 'adopting the "Expanded HIV Care Continuum Model"' was implemented as part of the Florida Integrated HIV Prevention Care Plan 2017-2021