Children's Services Council - Local Brief


Health Care Update - Summer 2013

This brief reviews the key changes that will occur in the next 6 to 9 months, as well as other updates on health care accessibility and availability in Palm Beach County, including: 

  • The key role of policymakers, stakeholders and providers who influence and inform the public, who may lack awareness and  understanding of the changes.
  • Highlights of health legislation and funding.
  • An update on how existing services, including Medicaid and KidCare, will be affected by the changes.
  • Children’s Services Council’s new prenatal and child development programs, enhancing key strategies in the maternal child health system. 
  • The Health Council of Southeast Florida’s Navigate PBC initiative funded by the Quantum Foundation, which aims to improve navigation of the health and human services system and improve access to care for county residents.
  • An update on One-e-App, a web-based, common eligibility system that streamlines applications for a range of public and private programs.