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Mission, Vision and History

Our Mission

Improve the health of residents of the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast by promoting access to quality health and human services.

Our Vision

The Health Council of Southeast Florida is the region’s leading advocate for optimal access to health care through using our collective knowledge, experience and commitment in health planning, research and program development.


The Health Council of Southeast Florida, established in 1982, is one of eleven private Local Health Planning Councils established by Section 408.033 Florida Statutes (F.S.) to conduct regional health planning and implementation activities. Each council's district is designated in Section 408.032, F.S.

These local organizations develop regional health plans containing data, analysis and recommendations that relate to health care status and needs in the community. The recommendations are designed to improve access to health care, reduce disparities in health status, assist state and local governments in the development of sound and rational health care policies, and advocate on behalf of the underserved.

Local health councils study the impact of various initiatives on the health care system, provide assistance to the public and private sectors, and create and disseminate materials designed to increase their communities' understanding of health care issues.

The Council's Board of Directors is composed of twelve health care providers, purchasers and non-governmental consumers who serve for two-year terms. They are eligible for reappointment by County Officials in the counties where the member resides. Under the Board’s direction, areas of emphasis are established which may encompass population and regional health planning, program development and evaluation, disease management, ethical standards for a healthy community, trauma service coordination, and the formation of cost-effective health policy that is responsive to the health needs of residents in Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Okeechobee and Indian River counties.